Sunday, June 08, 2014

Glyndebourne Rosenkavalier

I have to say a short something about the live stream from Glyndebourne of Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier.  What do you want for a great Rosenkavalier?

You want great singing, especially from the three women who form the final trio:
The Marschallin Kate Royal
Octavian Tara Erraught
Sophie Teodora Gheorghiu
They were excellent and blended especially well.  They tidied up Tara's hair a bit from the publicity photos.

You want an asshole to play Ochs:
Baron Ochs auf Lerchenau Lars Woldt
We got one.

You want a sexy bedroom scene, and we got one even without a bed.  In this production the only furniture is long sofas with annoying wallpaper behind.  We also got nudity.  It looked like real nudity to me.

You want the dance that goes with Strauss's wonderful score.  You want a director who knows when the movements are supposed to happen.  We got that, too.  The cutest silly bit is when during the Marschallin's monologue Siegmund Freud is sitting behind her taking notes.

You want a fine orchestra and conductor who understand the romanticism of the score:  Robin Ticciati.

You want to see the falling in love in the Presentation of the Rose at exactly the right spot.  You want to see it in their eyes.

You want the love to leap out at you from the stage so strongly that you fall in love yourself.

Thank you.  I could ask for nothing more.

P.S.  Remember how I said there is no bad publicity?  Tara received by far the most applause. This is still available on demand.

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