Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Aida in Rome

After the complete opera recording of Aida with Pappano, Kaufmann and Harteros which took place last week (studio recordings are not dead after all), there was a concert performance at the Academia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.  The recording is due in October.  If I read correctly, Cecilia attended.

You may listen on Parterre, but you cannot jump ahead, so be ready to sit for a while.

I commented on Facebook: 

  • Barbara Baker I have so far made it through the Celeste Aida and find it the first time it has actually sounded like a love song and not like some loud tenor showing off. Celeste legato.
People have pointed out they don't like the fact that Jonas ends the aria softly instead of the usual bellowing.  Another points out:

  • Claire Panke Come scritto: "morendo".  [which means dying out.  So there.]

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