Monday, June 01, 2015

Kristine Opolais

Manon Lescaut

La Rondine


In our constant search for sexy pictures I felt Kristine Opolais deserved a full spread.


Anonymous said...

Any truth to speculation that Opolais and Jonas can't keep their hands off each other?

Dr.B said...

In the Boston concert with her husband conducting she and Kaufmann went at pretty hot and heavy. She pantomimed to her husband that it "doesn't mean anything." I've never seen this sort of thing in a concert, though. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

Some opera fan from Boston commented that this concert was sort of staged by them to shut everyone up about their flirting. I thought it was kind of strange that Jonas was there, he really didn't travel much in USA except the Met. This was done like.. Ohh , it is just acting, her husband it's ok with it, Jonas even tried to white it out in his interview durin intermission. I think in April he announced that he separated from his wife, they lived in Zurich as a family. My son's gf just came back from Zurich , where her grandparents live, big opera lovers. The word on the street is that his wife throw him out months ago and he lives in Munich now, his hometown. That was about time when all the pictures and videos of him with Kristine from rehearsals and performances of Manon In ROH and Munich surfaced...steaming hot. The wife probably got some story from him and got pissed. And just this week there were pictures on Facebook of the cast of Oniegin from Munich with Jonas and Kristine in it, and a day later pictures from Schrott's Cuba Amiga with her in it. She wasn't mentioned in prior casting by Schrott, so it was a last minute deal, she went there because of Jonas. And now someone on Facebook Met in HD page said she is moving to Munich. Her husband has a job in Boston, what's with that ?

Dr.B said...

I speak German so I could follow the German language discussions in the stream from Munich. It did seem to me the narrator said she was moving to Munich.