Saturday, June 27, 2015


Tomorrow is the open air concert from Munich on starring Jonas Kaufmann and Anna Netrebko.

Bayerische Staatsoper TV has dropped Peleas and Melisande from its schedule and added Arabella.  I assume this is because I wanted to see Harteros in Arabella.  To make me happy.  I have changed the performance calendar to reflect this.  The live performance is sold out.

When Pereira was Intendant in Salzburg, he wouldn't allow any revivals.  Everything had to be new.  So now two of the revivals, Cecilia Bartoli's Norma and Netrebko's Il Trovatore, are sold out.


Anonymous said...

Your Pereira statement is not quite correct. Since Bartoli was appointed head of the Whitsun Festival in 2012, her productions (and maybe only hers) have always been revived during the following Summer Festival.

Dr.B said...

I'm sure this meant revivals from previous years.