Sunday, May 08, 2016

Beethoven 9

Last night ended the resurrection season for the Sacramento Philharmonic and Opera.  This was as close to opera as we came this season.  The first half of the program consisted of the overture, two arias and a chorus from Beethoven's Fidelio.  Jonathan Burton, tenor, sang "Gott! welch Dunkel hier!"  He has a lovely tone, very suitable for this particular aria.  Jennifer Holloway, soprano, sang "Abscheulicher" to close out this part of the program.  Our conductor was David Alan Miller.

After the intermission came Beethoven's Ninth Symphony when the solo quartet added Jeanne Ireland, mezzo-soprano, and Brandon Cedel, bass-baritone.  May 7, the date of our performance, just happens to be the anniversary of the first performance of Beethoven's Ninth. 

It's good to quote a few words here:

"Joy.  All men become brothers where your soft wings hover.  Be embraced, you millions.  This kiss is for the whole world."

Some may question the value of classical music.  My only comment is that we can easily justify our case through Beethoven alone.  Hail, maestro.  For the joy that you bring us.

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