Saturday, May 21, 2016

Gregory Kunde

This is Gregory Kunde, winner of the International Opera Awards Male Singer.

If you watch a lot of films on YouTube of Gregory Kunde, you will see that until recently he has focused on bel canto, a field where he blends into the crowd.  Now suddenly he has begun to appear as a spinto tenor, and it turns out he is amazing.  We'll probably never know why he waited, but we welcome him heartily.

Sorry.  Otello has been removed.


Sarah said...

I love this video and I love Gregory Kunde! This is my favorite version of Nessun Dorma! Gregory Kunde's voice was also used in the Turandot scene in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (dubbing over the actor used in the film).

I wish the Met HD would book Kunde in the future! He is such an emotive and expressive singer, with a gorgeous voice!

Dr.B said...

I like this film a lot. I see he sings in London and Spain, but doesn't show any trips to the US.

Devia is a bit more questionable as a choice. IMHO.