Sunday, June 19, 2016

Netrebko's Elsa

From a Facebook comment on an Anna Netrebko post from the Sächsische Zeitung:

"Mr. Thielemann, probably on only three occasions was the Semperoper interesting for the international media: at the reopening in 1985, during the flood in 2002 and now, when Anna Netrebko sang her first Wagnerian role - are you satisfied?

- Yes, very. Anna Netrebko wanted to make her first Wagner with me, and I have proposed Dresden as a suitable location. Where else to hear "Lohengrin" because it indeed originated here. The orchestra has played so beautifully, the choir sang so beautifully, the soloists were top class. This "Lohengrin" with Anna Netrebko as Elsa was a stroke of luck - for us, for the house, for the audience. Guests came from around the world, the final applause after the fourth night lasted for half an hour. When do we have that?

The Russian has sung in German outstandingly well - are you surprised?

- I was generally surprised by how she threw herself at the role. I would not have thought it possible that the singer between the performances comes to me of her own volition to rehearse again, study further and iron out things. Such meticulousness made me very happy. And since we made four recordings, there is a version worthy of release. Whether it will be released, depends on our tests.

Are there any other plans to have the superstar soprano again in Dresden?

- Yes, there are some productions that I would like to study with her. Because of that, I now also have her phone number, it's preferable to discuss some things directly. But that will not be easy. She is much in demand and is committed for years in advance. To Dresden Elsa she dedicated one whole month and did not sing anything else. This unconditional will has also delighted me."

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