Thursday, October 06, 2016

MôD Artists at Westminster

Trio MôD has expanded, at least for this concert, into a group called MôD Artists which includes:  Maquette Kuper, flute; Deborah Pittman, clarinet; Sterling Cozza, jazz piano; John Cozza, piano; Jack Fanning, bass; Nick Micheels, drums

There seems to be a concept at work here.  While the founding members are classically trained, their programming expands outside the usual range of classical programming.  This concert focuses on jazz and the blues in repertoire that is still basically classical.  This is part of a Wednesday at noon concert series at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano by Claude Bolling (French jazz pianist and composer, b 1930)
  • Baroque and Blue 
  • Sentimentale 
  • Javanaise 
  • Irlandaise 
  • Veloce 
The ensemble for this piece was flute, jazz piano, bass and drums.  This was my favorite piece on the program and can only be described as a mash up of jazz and classical.  Sterling Cozza got heavily into jazz improvisation.  It was a treat.

Blues from "Moonflowers, Baby" by Meyer Kupferman  (July 3, 1926 – November 26, 2003)
This is a single movement for solo clarinet.

Blue Monkey for Flute and B flat Clarinet by Lauren Bernofsky (1967-) duet for flute and clarinet.

California Suite by Claude Bolling
  • Hannah's Theme 
  • Black Folks
California Suite is a movie, and these two movements are a small portion of the soundtrack from this movie.  The ensemble is flute, clarinet, piano, bass and drums.

For my taste the bass and drums could have been a bit louder.  This was a fun program, very upbeat and cheerful.  Maki is a busy woman, but is always looking for something new.

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