Tuesday, October 20, 2020



Conductor - Nicola Luisotti
Director - Gabriele Lavia

Attila, King of the Huns - Ferruccio Furlanetto
Uldino, Attila's Breton Slave - Nathaniel Peake*
Odabella, daughter of the Lord of Aquileia - Lucrecia Garcia
Ezio, a Roman general - Quinn Kelsey*
Foresto, a knight of Aquileia - Diego Torre*
Leone (Pope Leo I) - Samuel Ramey

The San Francisco Opera reran last weekend Verdi's Attila from 2012.  It is a fabulous baritone feast with Furlanetto, Kelsey and Ramey.  I'm sorry if you missed it. 

The sets all relate to interiors of theaters.  You may feel free to make up a reason for this.  This version seems to be shortened.  A film played in one of the theaters, and this has been omitted.  In house one sees everything in full screen, while in a film a full screen is unusual.  This diminishes the effect of the theater interiors and increases the importance of the singers.  It's much better this way.

Here's my review when I saw it live.

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