Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Royal Opera Fidelio revisited

There is an audio copy floating around the internet from a radio broadcast from the Royal Opera of the Fidelio from last summer that includes Jonas Kaufmann.  He became ill before the broadcast into movie theaters, but this is an earlier performance.  So we have Lise Davidsen, Jonas Kaufmann and Tony Pappano together.  Look on rai?  I'm told it has been taken down.  This is the one.  We can only hope we will get other opportunities to see them together.  Two of my opera loves on the same stage might be too much for me.  O Gott, welch ein Augenblick.

My first take is here.  I love this opera as no other and can't really explain why.  Pappano understands.  All it misses is Jonas.  Lise goes back into women's clothes, but looks nothing like she did at the beginning.  She is wonderful in this role, and I hope to see her in it again.

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Maggie said...

That recording was so moving! The added context of the goings-on in London at the time and the sense of ever present threat of illness greatly increases the emotional temperature. I felt near tears many times as I listened. Jonas' voice is surprisingly strong and Lise is a wonder. Tony as always cooks up a delicious dish.