Friday, July 20, 2007


Old but interesting about Anna's Austrian citizenship. I was interested in this:

In 2004, Salzburg’s Festspiele placed Netrebko second in a list of divas with prima donna criteria, like charm, style, manners, social habits, appearance and dress, after Angela Georgiu [sic]. Renée Fleming, Cecilia Bartoli, Karita Mattila and Deborah Voigt were placed lower down in the ranking.

The glamour rating may have been flattering but with public appetite for details about her life both on stage and behind the scenes becoming voracious, Netrebko feels she needs to assert her independence.

“It is not only that everyone discusses what I do, people start making their own — questionable and speculative — conclusions, and spread them around,” she said.

DrB: And here is a film of Manon as Marilyn Monroe.

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