Thursday, November 13, 2008


This is the Lied by Richard Strauss.

Bjorling. This is audio only.

Fleming. A bit over the top but fun.



Flagstad. In my youth she was a huge favorite. Audio only.

I only included ones I like.

Here is Jonas Kaufmann's version.

I have been reading the comments on YouTube for a while now and I have made a small observation. When you are studying singing, lots of time is spent getting you to sing on key, to pronounce the words correctly and articulate them a bit, to approximate the composed rhythm. This is primarily for the teacher's sanity.

When you are listening to famous singers, you should be trying to observe what they are doing that you are not doing, the idea being that they are right and you are not. Few teachers will teach you how to make music, so you may have to find it for yourself.

Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was träumen heißt von brennenden Küssen,
Von Wandern und Ruhen mit der Geliebten,
Aug in Auge,
Und kosend und plaudernd,
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Du neigtest dein Herz!

Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was bangen heißt in einsamen Nächten,
Umschauert vom Sturm, da niemand tröstet
Milden Mundes die kampfmüde Seele,
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Du kämest zu mir.

Wenn du es wüßtest,
Was leben heißt, umhaucht von der Gottheit
Weltschaffendem Atem,
Zu schweben empor, lichtgetragen,
Zu seligen Höhn,
Wenn du es wüßtest,
Du lebtest mit mir!

If you only knew what it's like to dream of burning kisses, of wandering and resting with one's beloved, eye turned to eye, and cuddling and chatting - if you only knew, you would incline your heart to me!

If you only knew what it's like to feel dread on lonely nights, surrounded by a raging storm, while no one comforts with a mild voice your struggle-weary soul - if you only knew, you would come to me.

If you only knew what it's like to live, surrounded by God's world-creating breath, to float up, carried by the light, to blessed heights - if you only knew, then you would live with me!

Translation borrowed from the internet.

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