Friday, June 26, 2009

Jonas does Rosenkavalier

This is so delicious I must post it.

I've never seen it staged with the Marschallin paying the least attention to the tenor. Nice to see she is no fool. The staging is fascinating. The eating spaghetti is also cute.

There's not enough Der Rosenkavalier in my life, and not enough Jonas Kaufmann either.

We are always the same age inside. Gertrude Stein.

My own love affair with opera began and may well end with Rosenkavalier. There is nothing like it. Will this be her masterpiece? I must admit I suspect yes.


Sarah said...

Sigh. He's great. And Renée is so beautiful I could just die.

Anonymous said...

The entire string of video excerpts is stunning. I, too was a complete mess after the live Met HD with Fleming, Graham, Schafer, et al. But, what production is this, where, who's conducting, etc. I recognize Damrau, but cna't put a name on the very familiar Octavian.
I'm new to most of these posting mechanisms, so I'm probably asking for something that's right under my nose.
Ditto and bis on all of thqe above.

Dr.B said...

The stuff on YouTube isn't always available commercially, but in this case you are in luck. This is a Decca release available through Amazon.

Renee Fleming as the Marschallin,
Sophie Koch as Octavian,
Diana Damrau as Sophie,
Franz Hawlata as Ochs.

And of course Jonas.