Sunday, December 05, 2010


About this time every year I recommend things to give as Christmas gifts. The pickings are pretty slim this year.
Jonas Kaufmann's Verismo would be popular.

As might also Cecilia Bartoli's Sospiri.

Introduce your friends to Vittorio Grigolo. He deserves his title The Italian Tenor.

If you give your friends Clari, they will think you have gone mad.

The best recording of 2010 is undoubtedly Joyce DiDonato's Rossini collection.  If your friends like singing at all, they are bound to love this.

Cecilia Bartoli's Sacrificium is officially last year, but is still highly recommended.

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Lucy said...

Lovely picks (I'm hoping I might receive Sospiri myself, and am debating whether or not to spring for international shipping and rejoice my mother with Kaufmann's Verismo.) I couldn't wait for Christmas and bought myself DiDonato's Rossini.

Other new things this year, for nostalgic friends: a DVD release of the Czinner-filmed Schwarzkopf/Jurinac/Rothenberger Rosenkav under von Karajan, and a DG album of newly-unearthed live Wunderlich performances.