Thursday, September 29, 2011

Opera Now

Jonas Kaufmann is on both the front AND the back covers of Opera Now for August-September.  I know I am a bit slow to notice this.

The cover article describes how he becomes involved in his productions early.  None of this showing up at the last minute unrehearsed for Jonas.  I want to say that this was my impression of the wonderful Werther in Paris.  My sense of the entire performance was that everyone, especially the conductor Michel Plasson, was working together toward the same goal.  This level of artistic coordination is not possible without planning.

The magazine also includes a list of hot productions over the next year.  Maybe I'll include some of them in my performance calendar.

Here's an interesting quote about Lawrence Brownlee:  "The young tenor Lawrence Brownlee is now prime property, just as virtuosic as Juan Diego Florez and with more shades of color in the voice."  You know, I think I agree.

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