Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dmitri as Rigoletto

I listened to the live stream of Rigoletto from the Met last night and was fascinated to hear the announcers discussing how ugly Dmitri Hvorostovsky looked in his Rigoletto costume.  He is, of course, one of the most beautiful men in opera today.  It took quite a bit of looking to locate this picture.  I tuned in for Dmitri who was very intense in this role.  His "Cortigiani" exuded violent rage such as I have not heard before.

There was an audience participation quiz in the intermission:  what character in an opera joins the army during the opera?  I made 2 suggestions, but evidently there are a lot more.

There is opera everywhere now.

P.S.  Dmitri getting ugly.


Paul said...

I can't even begin to imagine Hvorostovsky in this particular production, especially knowing the Met last year premiered with Željko Lučić, who offered a delightfully sleazy onstage presence that clearly matched the Rat Pack theme. I also have to wonder how the role suits Dmitri's voice. Hard to believe a fantastic Onegin could also be a credible Rigoletto.

Dr.B said...

He sang the role with a very rough tone of which I do not approve. He should stick to his usual gorgeous lyricism. Leonard Warren sang a very beautiful lyrical Rigoletto.