Friday, November 29, 2013

Netrebko in Russian

You have to read really fast. The only word I understand is Vodka.  You can wonder along with me why there is a clip of Diana Damrau in the middle.  The pictures of Anna with her mother are San Francisco--outside the war memorial, in north beach.

The Russian perspective on Anna's life is very curious and revealed only in the studio comments by the interviewer.  They would think nothing of the idea that she would give up her career for the sake of Erwin, would in fact think that was correct, while we could not help but be appalled by the idea.  An appropriate evaluation of the situation would deem that Erwin should abandon his career for her.  Oh well.  The point is moot.

The interviewer hopes for her that someday she will get married.  We're not sure we do.  She seems to be doing fine.  This is the interview where she explains that since they were not married, she gets to keep all her stuff.

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