Friday, October 03, 2014

Joyce DiDonato in Brooklyn

She is by now the Queen of American singers.  We Americans are expressly forbidden to have titles, you know, but I still do not hesitate to dub her Queen Joyce.  She is singing in Brooklyn, and I am watching a live stream.  The music is from Stella di Napoli.  The Bel Canto composers are all represented.

She tries a little Brooklyn talk, but nobody buys it.  She introduces the arias.

She is singing "Riedi al soglio" and gets lost.  Only Joyce could get out of this so gracefully.  I have listened to this aria dozens of times and know exactly what she is supposed to be singing. 

She slips in and out of her very American personality and into this very Italian musical style faster than you can imagine.

Hail Queen Joyce.


Rob said...

Oh, she really WAS singing in Brooklyn. I thought maybe you'd found a long-lost Gluck opera :)

Dr.B said...

What would be the plot of an opera called Brooklyn?

Dr.B said...

I was going to make up a plot for an opera called Iphigenia in Brooklyn when I found that P.D.Q. Bach has already written something called that.

Rob said...

Maybe "Joyce in Brooklyn" could be the sequel. :)