Thursday, October 30, 2014

Italy After Puccini

Or Post-Puccini:  Modern Italian Vocal Music.  I receive email announcements from UC Davis of musical performances, and this time it included an announcement for this recital with Stacey Mastrian, soprano, and Scott Crowne, piano.

From Deità silvane (Woodland Deities, texts by Antonio Rubino) (1925) Ottorino Respighi
   Musica in horto

From Quattro Favole Romanesche di Trilusso, Op. 38 (1923)  [in Roman dialect] Alfredo Casella
   Er gatto e er cane
   L'elezzione der presidente

From Sette favole e allegorie (1945)  Roberto Lupi
   L'ostrica il ratto e la gatta
   La formica e il chicco di grano

Liriche su Verlaine (1946-47) [in French]   Bruno Maderna

Sequenza III per voce femminile (1966)  Luciano Berio

Needless to say I have never heard any of these pieces before.  That's why I went.  The artists assured me that they could do another complete recital on this same subject with no duplication.

I especially liked the Maderna group which reminded me of Poulenc.

The Berio is in experimental style.  The only accompaniment was a tuning fork which she applied to her temple to find the correct pitch.  There was whispering, arpeggios, screams, laughter, things uttered through her hand, etc.  We all crowded up after to look at the score which looked very strange indeed.  I always ask to see the score, such as Tan Dun's Tea, but this is the first time I have succeeded.

I'm ready for just about anything.  The parking costs money but the recital was free.

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