Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Now that I am living past my near death experience yesterday, I resolve to have more fun, to go out more, see life more. I will try to go to every London musical show. I set this goal just because it will be fun to try to reach.

I will make an attempt to find at least one falsettist I like. I won't work too hard at this.

I will try to weigh less at the end of the year than I do now. I should try to find out how much that is.

I will retire from my job. As soon as I stop enjoying it. Honestly. I've been resolving to do this for quite a while, and some people are tired of hearing about it. Being sent to London is making this harder.

I will decide where I am going to live after I am retired. This is also difficult.

I will go to at least five opera houses I have never been to before. There are two in London, so that should make a nice start. I will also try to get to Munich this year. There are at least three there.

I will try to change my opinion about at least three things.

I will spend more money than I make. This is not a goal you have to set for yourself, but in my case I am a terrible cheapskate.

I will have a new favorite opera.

I will try to fall in love. This gets harder to do as you get older. I think it's hormones. I will assume that opera infatuations also count.

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