Sunday, January 15, 2006


The ride over was amazing. The project paid for business class, so I got to experience the British Airways sleeping arrangements. You get into an area that is about the size of a bath tub with paper walls to shield you from the other passengers. There are buttons. Lots of buttons. Large modern automobiles have these kinds of buttons which make the seat go up and down and change shapes. You just keep pushing them until you are comfortable. I fell asleep immediately.

Then there was a lovely breakfast with grapefruit juice, fruit, coffee and hot croissants. I must remember to heat my croissants at home. There was a little more hiking through airports than I was prepared for, but at the end was someone with my name on a card to drive me to my hotel. This was a first. We discussed shows, what is good, how far away they are, how easy they are to get tickets to.

I don't usually write about my work, but I am here to design and implement a computer interface between my purchasing system and SAP accounting. On the SAP side is a cast of thousands who will all attack me simultaneously. On my side there is me. The major goal will be to keep my blood pressure from getting too high.

I have already found a very nice coffee shop called Nero. They don't make the cappuccino right either. I think Cecilia is doomed. Perhaps she should open a competing chain that makes it correctly. It could be called "real cappuccino." Or "cappuccino the way it should be." Or something more Italian: "cappuccino puro." My Italian is not good enough to make up names in it. If you wanted to be openly provocative, call it "Cappuccino Italiano."

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