Monday, October 02, 2006


It seems despite tremendous effort I cannot help sounding like a reviewer at times. I couldn't think of anything silly to say about Don Carlo. Licitra seemed to do an excellent epileptic fit, which in leiu of acting will have to do. Giant looming figures of Peter and Paul do tend to put a crimp in ones sense of humor.

The LA Opera is judging its success based on attendance, now up to 86%. I look around me at what passes for entertainment today and I see reality TV, Broadway revivals and British imports, endlessly repeating movie serials and opera, ever reinventing and renewing opera.

When Manon is dressed in modern costumes we know from the movies, we may judge exactly where she is in the social order because these costumes are part of our cultural awareness. I am beginning to see the point of modern productions.

Did I say Jessye Norman was in the audience?

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Paul said...

Is it my imagination, or did Jessye Norman have an all-too-brief singing career? And BTW, I am enjoying EVER SO MUCH reading "Divas and Scholars," about which I would have known zilch were it not for you having blogged about it. I checked it out of our local library (they actualy acquired a copy based upon my reserving it) yesterday, and I'm already into the third (very dense) chapter. Thanks for mentioning it!