Friday, October 06, 2006

Advice to singers

Singers, if you wish to rise above the crowd, work on your voices to be sure--you won't need my advice to know this--but work also on your presentation of self.

If you aren't beautiful, pretend you are. Walk as though you were gorgeous and, like Musetta, all eyes were turned on you.

If you aren't naturally open and generous, pretend you are. Let the light of generosity seem to shine from your eyes.

If you have no aura to speak of, pretend you do. Become larger than you truly are. Make up a personality for your public life. Be someone we will remember.

I'm good at giving advice, not at taking it....


Princess Alpenrose said...

Oh, that is SUCH good advice! I definitely need to practice the letting myself seem beautiful and elegant part.

For the rest of the characteristics, I have stupidly spent most of my life tamping down abundant charisma, intelligence, talent, humor, connectedness, love, leadership, etc. How dumb is that?

Wow! I'm *SO* happy and honored to have found you here, through your blog! (I live in MD, too, so maybe we could meet sometime soon?)

Sincerely, "Ariadne"

Dr.B said...

This was prompted by watching Sophie's Choice. Angelika actually is beautiful and the character must seem gorgeous, and yet she didn't manage it.

I'm ancient and have no aura at all, but live in Frederick and go down to DC for the opera.

Princess Alpenrose said...

Oh, now I get it! A sublte but astute observation about her acting, then, right?

Please visit me sometime at www.vissid-, dr. b., and hey ... Frederick isn't that far a drive for me either.

Ciao for now,

Dr.B said...

I think beauty is a lot attitude. Look at America's next top model. Those girls are plain.

On the other hand, see head shot.