Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tower Records

I'm from Sacramento where Tower Records began. It was in the same building as the Tower Theater along Broadway, all named after a tiny tower over the theater entrance. I remember driving down there from my home in Carmichael to buy an LP of Judy Garland's A Star is Born. In my singing book I describe going into the huge Tower Records that used to be in Picadilly Circus and seeing Cecilia Bartoli records everywhere. Now there is only a much smaller Virgin store.

The last time I went to Sacramento the original store was still there. Tower has gone into liquidation, and all will soon be gone, killed by digital media and bad management. Only the neon sign remains.  A few seconds of silence, please.

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Paul said...

It's a real shame about Tower Records, with the digital revolution claiming yet another victim. They have one store here in Denver, which I need to visit this week while my $25 gift card is still valid. They've always had the BEST selection of opera titles, including DVDs, but I knew the end was near when I heard they'd closed their flagship store at Tottenham Court Road & Oxford Street in London.