Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I do this because it allows me to rediscover myself. In the middle of my life everything became too hard, and I took the easy way out. Computer work was easy for me, and within a few years my salary easily exceeded that of my full professor friend, and I think, too, my job satisfaction seemed to exceed hers as well. She gave amazing flute recitals and complained about her dense students. I inherited my father's brain, which is well suited to logic, mathematics, organizing, and completely unsuited to the softer, more interactive skills. I got my way by simply refusing all other courses of action, and my way, after all, turned out to be best.

Now that I am retired, I find that I don't miss software at all. I am thinking of becoming computer illiterate.

The passion of my life has always been music. The things that I might write about seem to grow by the day. I am seriously considering doing something on composing for opera singers, an idea which seems not to exist. There is thought to be nothing to know about composing for the voice. What's the highest note? What's the lowest note? Once I know that, I'm done. Right? Ask yourself, why can't I tell which of the male roles are supposed to be baritones and which tenors?

Reading Divas and Scholars for me is like reading a great novel. A world is created that I am reluctant to leave. He is the first writer I've read who treats Italian opera with the respect it deserves.

Through blogging I can be anyone I want, I can invent myself.

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