Monday, November 30, 2009

News from Facebook

"Jonas Kaufmann and Cecilia Bartoli named joint Artist-of-the-Year Diapason d'Or 2009 For the first time France Musique listeners and Diapason readers were able to vote on the Artist of the Year award and jointly selected Jonas Kaufmann and Cecilia Bartoli from 15 contenders for the title. The prize was awarded last night in recognition of Jonas' Romantic Arias and Cecilia's Sacrificium recording and album."

Cool. I am in tune with the universe.

Despite the fact that the news was put out by Jonas' fan page, it has to mean the Sehnsucht album and not the Romantic Arias album. Or if it isn't a mistake then they awarded to an album from last year.

This is the most GQ of Jonas' pictures.


Marion said...

"Romantic Arias" is right. If I remember right the album was released in France in October or November 2008. This was too late for the Diapason d'or 2008, so it went into the election for the Diapason d'or 2009.
I think "Sehnsucht" was not released in France before October 2009.

Marion said...

Sorry, I have to correct myself. The online election showed Romantic Arias, but actually the Diapason d'or was not for a special CD but the artist-of-the-year award. So Jonas and Cecilia are the Diapason d'or artists of the year 2009. I agree :-).