Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Presents

If I am going to recommend a version of Wagner's Ring, it has to be the Solti Ring, possibly the greatest classical recording of all time.  His touch is more delicate than you hear these days, and it has perhaps the greatest cast ever assembled.  This version was recorded in 1965 but was recently remastered.

I've fallen behind in reviewing recital disks this year, but this one is excellent, if only for those inclined to the Baroque.  While sticking to her theme, she successfully interprets a wide variety of music.

This is also entirely from the Baroque period, middle Baroque to be precise, and by an entirely unknown composer:  Agostino Steffani.  He's rather sweet and attractive.  The main attraction of this album comes from the always magnificent Cecilia Bartoli.

This has been my favorite Der Rosenkavalier since forever and is finally available on DVD.

Anna and Elina together make for a pretty incredible Anna Bolena.  This is one of Netrebko's best.

I always recommend something unusual, and this year it doesn't beat Berlioz' Benvenuto Cellini.  Helicopters, robots and carnival costumes make for a very lively entertainment.


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Unknown said...

Personally I prefer to listen to something warm and tender at the Christmas time, something like Claude Debussy's compositions or Frank Sinatra's songs.