Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ariodante at the Conservatory

I had a very pleasant time Saturday evening at the San Francisco Conservatory where they performed a concert version of Handel's Ariodante.  It was my first visit to the Conservatory.  It is now located on Van Ness Avenue just above Market Street.

Most of the good stuff in this opera is for the character Ariodante, here sung by Hannah Headland, including the hit tune "Scherza infida."

I liked the overall quality of the student singers very much.  A few comments.

The orchestra was well in tune in the first act and increasingly out of tune as the opera progressed.  The original instrument ensemble of the Zurich Opera now tune before each act.  It wouldn't hurt for you to do it, too.

Everyone has a theorbo now, including them.

I prefer my Baroque singing un poco piu legato, per favore.  It was, nonetheless, very pleasing.

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