Friday, March 08, 2013

A Little Rosa

If you are tired of these modern singers, here's a little Rosa Ponselle.  This is from Spontini's La Vestale, an opera I would like to see.


  • "When discussing singers, there are two you must first set aside: Rosa Ponselle and Enrico Caruso. Then you may begin." - Geraldine Farrar, soprano.
  • "In my lifetime, there have been three vocal miracles: Caruso, Ruffo and Ponselle. Apart from these there have been several wonderful singers." - Tullio Serafin, conductor.
  • "When you hear the voice of Rosa Ponselle, you hear a fountain of melody blessed by the Lord." - Mary Garden, soprano.
  • "The most glorious voice that ever came from any woman's throat." - Walter Legge, record producer.
  • "The greatest singer of us all." - Maria Callas, soprano.
  • "The Queen of Queens in all of singing." - Luciano Pavarotti, tenor.
  • " All this arguing about singers is nonsense. Anyone knows the best ever was Rosa Ponselle. The perfection of her phrasing is not to be exceeded." - me.

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