Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cosi fan tutte

Doctor Despina

Fiordiligi:  Ellie Dehn
Dorabella:  Christel Lötzsch *
Despina:  Susannah Biller
Ferrando:  Francesco Demuro
Guglielmo:  Philippe Sly *
Don Alfonso:  Marco Vinco

Conductor:  Nicola Luisotti
Production:  John Cox

Oh how we wish they were all like that.  We are speaking of the San Francisco Opera's current production of Mozart's Cosi fan tutte.  Things we wish were always this good:

1.  The maestro.  Nicola Luisotti may be my favorite by now.  Such wonderful musical ensemble for a Mozart opera can only trace back to the maestro.  Phrasing that just wouldn't quit.  Ensemble singing.  Ensemble playing.  More, please.

2.  Theorbo.  Just kidding.  We don't always need to see a theorbo in Mozart.  For my son--the continuo was 2 harpsichords, cello and theorbo.  Dr. Gossett once informed me that figured bass continued into his period, something I had not known.  In Rossini, and maybe possibly Mozart, it should really be a piano.

3.  The very flashy Despina of Susannah Biller.  This is my fourth encounter with Ms Biller, including her very professional outing as Daisy in The Great Gatsby and her Nanetta in Falstaff in Portland.  She showed very dynamic singing and looked adorable as the notary.

4.  Guys who actually looked like they were sufficiently in disguise not to be recognized.  This was a first.

5.  Guys who were still cute in and out of their disguises.

6.  Sisters who harmonized like they really were sisters.

7.  Gorgeous sets and costumes.

There must be something I didn't like.  There was one gorgeous number after another--the only real excuse for presenting this opera.  But in the end the guys choose war over love.

As we left the theater, the War Memorial and City Hall were lit up in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court decisions.

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