Friday, February 21, 2014

Jaroussky Farinelli

This is an album of arias and duets by Nicola Porpora which were composed for the castrato Farinelli.  Porpora was famous as the great trainer of castrati, including, of course, Farinelli.  He was born in Naples in the middle of the early days of the Neapolitan opera school.

The album includes 11 tracks, 2 with Cecilia Bartoli, 7 of which are world premiere recordings.  The very long aria "Alto Giove" is apparently not one of the world premieres, but it is very beautiful in Jaroussky's voice.

The duets are lovely.  Cecilia generally sings soprano to his alto.  I especially love the second duet "La Gioia Ch'Io Sento" which bursts upon us unexpectedly.  It is all very very sweet.  Have a little sweetness in your life.


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