Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Why were singers better in my youth?

Modern singers treat their careers as though they were a recreational activity.  They think to themselves that in the brief time they have in the spotlight they must work their way through the entire repertoire for their Fach.

In the old days a singer searched for those few roles where their gifts shone brightest and repeated them in opera houses around the world.  They seemed greater than modern singers because in their selected repertoire they were.  Think about it. 

Of modern day singers the one who follows closest the old path is Renée Fleming.

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ketzel said...

I agree, and another factor may be that nowadays, opera singers are overlooked if they're fat. There is so much frenetic activity in some productions, an overweight but great singer wouldn't be qualified. I wonder if some of the greats I heard in the 70s would have been hired by today's directors.