Friday, August 04, 2017

Jonas and Anja together

This is Andrea Chenier from the Bayerische Staatsoper.  For love, for poetry, for art. 

And this is Don Carlo.

The love duet from Otello.

Lohengrin from the Bayerische Staatsoper. 

La Forza del Destino.  They sing together quite a lot, but not enough for me.  How about Tristan und Isolde?


Anonymous said...

It is the BSO's great luck that Munich has two opera superstars that not only work so well together, but also have family obligations that keep them wanting to work at home as much as possible.

alexandra said...

Many, many thanks for the Andrea Chenier clip. Since it is unlikely that I will ever be present at performances such as this, your sharing is very important and I am grateful. (The exquisite final duet from Don Carlo is a particular favorite.)

Dr.B said...

I love them separately and together.