Monday, February 19, 2018

Convergence II Episode I

Maquette Kuper, Deborah Pittman, Omari Tau

MôD Artists are difficult to classify.  They are all classically trained and play a wide variety of other styles.  One of the things they do is celebrate the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, which, it turns out, has its own Wikipedia page.  We had Convergence I which also celebrated Oak Park here, and now we move into Convergence II Episode I which covers 1860 - 1950.

The period celebrated included an amusement park called Joyland which existed from 1895 - 1920.  We were treated to a film about this era which showed a spectacular looking roller coaster.  The program included a song devoted to Joyland composed by tuba player Portia Njoku.  I am not old enough to remember Joyland.

However, I am old enough to remember the old state fair which was on the south side of Stockton Blvd.  The display space was much bigger than the current state fair, making the exhibits much more interesting.  The film shown in this concert seemed to think it was closed due to a lack of parking.  At a certain point driving automobiles everywhere was encouraged and street cars disappeared.  I remember streetcars in San Francisco but not in Sacramento.

Is this supposed to be sounding like a review?  The group performed a couple of old time songs:
  • When the Harvest Days are over (1901) by Harry von Tilzer.
  • In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (1905) by Harry Williams.
The program ended with what is now their signature piece:
  • Bach/Gounod Ave Maria arranged by Deborah Pittman with dancer Diego Campos.  At first he is carrying a bag which eventually he leaves behind.  Perhaps he has arrived in heaven.  Omari sings Bach's arpeggios while the others play.  This time he sang some of the melody.
I am by now a devoted follower.  This series will have two more segments:
  • Episode II The Spirit (60s - 80s)  Sunday, April 8
  • Episode III Convergence/Hello (1980  - present) Sunday, June 3

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