Thursday, September 12, 2019

New Operas I liked

I keep a list of operas that are new to me, label ONew2Me.  Since I started the blog, I have seen 193 operas that were new to me.  Only 49 of these are operas that were themselves new within 5 years of my first viewing. That means their first performances were in 2000 or later.  Everything else was new to me before the blog.  Since my total list of operas seen ever as of 9/12/19 is 370, I could be doing a lot better.

Out of these 49 operas only 9 made my favorites for that year list. These are:

L'Amour de Loin Saariaho Finnish National Opera 10/28/2005 Peter Sellars Esa-Pekka Salonen
Tea: A Mirror of Soul Dun Santa Fe Opera 7/27/2007 Amon Miyamoto Lawrence Renes
Bonesetter's Daughter Wallace San Francisco Opera 9/26/2008 Chen Shi-Zheng Steven Sloane
Il Postino Catán LA Opera 11/26/2011 Ron Daniels Grant Gershon
Moby-Dick Heggie San Francisco Opera 10/22/2012 Leonard Foglia Patrick Summers
Ainadamar Golijov Opera Parallèle 2/17/2013 Brian Staufenbiel Nicole Paiement
27 Gordon Saint Louis 6/18/2014 James Robinson Michael Christie
Autumn Sonata Fagerlund Finnish National Opera 10/23/2017 Stéphane Braunschweig John Storgårds
Lessons in Love and Violence Benjamin ROH 5/26/2018 Katie Mitchell Benjamin
Marnie Muhly Metropolitan Opera 11/10/2018 Michael Mayer Robert Spano

It doesn't seem like much of a list. The dates are for the blog entries.  I haven't done a list for 2019 yet, but here are some candidates:

Bon Appétit! Hoiby Des Moines 7/18/2019

If I Were You Heggie San Francisco Opera 8/5/2019 Keturah Stickann Nicole Paiement
Breaking The Waves Mazzoli West Edge 8/11/2019 Mark Streshinsky Jonathan Khuner

I would welcome opinions on these.  Something might be omitted because it came before I began blogging.  Feel free to suggest others.


Bruce said...

this may not be the comment or kind of comment you're looking for, but Margaret & I have seen two productions of Ainadamar--Santa Fe Opera's and Opera Parallel's....and thought OP's was much better maybe, of course, being a little familiar with teh piece, we could relax with it at OP; but it felt like OP's staging made a complicated structure much clearer.

Dr.B said...

OP put dates on the supertitles which made the change in time completely clear.