Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Divas 2014

In America this was the year of divas at sporting events.

First we had Renée Fleming at the Super Bowl.

This was done in typical Fleming style. Would we want it any other way?  She appeared in a formal gown that went immediately to the Smithsonian, and got fireworks and a backup chorus.

Joyce DiDonato's turn at the 7th game of the World Series could not be a greater contrast.  Fate intervened to let the series go to 7 games.  The universe wanted Joyce.

She sings in her Kansas City Royals fan outfit and has no accompaniment at all.  Maybe on an ear piece.  My favorite part is the small ornament toward the end that gets applause.  The universe didn't allow Kansas City to win.

This song is actually very easy for opera singers and doesn't show them off to best advantage.  Nevertheless, both were fun.

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