Friday, April 22, 2011

Seeing Jonas in New York

I am going to be in New York in a couple of weeks and tried to get a ticket to see Die Walküre at the Metropolitan Opera. Nothing. I even asked Sarah, and she said even she could not get in. I put my name on the waiting list. It's ok. I can see it in HD.

I remember watching operas from the wings and from standing room. I also recall a performance of Carmen that I watched from the overhead lighting. It was an excellent seat as I recall.

I was able to purchase a very nice seat to see Joyce DiDonato in Ariadne auf Naxos.

I could get in to see The Book of Mormon, but it would cost $300+.


Lucy said...

Dr. B. - a thought. The weekday (Mon-Thurs) performances do still have the Varis Rush Tickets... and if you're a senior citizen you can call or drop by the box office at noon on the day of and get yours. Otherwise you'll have to queue eternally... as I shall be doing! :)

Dr.B said...

There has to be some advantage to being old. You can get these just by calling? That would be amazing.

Lucy said...

You should be able to! Here's the link: You might call ahead to double-check that the program is running, but I had a friend confirm that the 4/25 perf is eligible; I assume the same holds for rest of run.

I'm exercising self-control and not watching the dress rehearsal videos (I've waited 1.5 years, I can wait another week!) but Alex Ross recently tweeted a link to an Act I excerpt with the simple, telling tag: "Hello, Siegmund." I'm excited. :)

Dr.B said...

Thanks to Lucy I now have a ticket.