Thursday, December 01, 2011

Selling Opera

Joyce DiDonato wants us to quit apologizing for opera. I wholeheartedly agree.

Opera is the only art form I can think of that can be all things to all men. Somewhere in this wonderful repertoire is the opera for you. Opera will rise with you. Your knowledge of the art form will grow with increased listening. As you absorb the experience of opera, your soul will rise.

Its pleasures will not diminish as you grow older. In each decade of your life new artists will come to bring their passion to your heart. They will cast light into corners never heard before. If your heart stays open, they will bring new works to give you joy.

Opera is the soul of the world. Its symbols go deeper than you could possibly imagine, and fill with ever deeper and deeper meaning. There is meaning in these notes that you will find nowhere else.

Opera is magic. One day when you least expect it, it will lead you to extasy.

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