Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anna Netrebko at Salzburg

This is interesting.  It's from stol.it, news for south Tirol.  It is a completely over the top review of Il Trovatore from the Salzburg Festival.  The best parts are here:

"Anna Netrebko sings and plays Leonora with unsurpassable passion which has no precedent." "Without any doubt, Anna Netrebko is not only the best dramatic singer today, but because of her unique musical, theatrical and vocal technique, perhaps the best female singer of all time."  "Miracle - Trovatore."  He calls Cecilia her "Diva-sister."

I said somewhere that we are living in the age of Netrebko.  Maybe I should travel for her. 

I issue the challenge:  Netrebko, Bartoli, Kaufmann.  No one else even comes close.  Raise your game if you want to become #4. 

Beginning at 2:04 there is a conversation with a reporter.  R:  today the newspaper says that you will marry in the fall.  N:  Oh.  Good.  Yusi?  I want to marry you in autumn.  R:  [Perhaps Yusi says this] Winter.  In winter.  This is a well kept secret.  But we will marry in Austria.

We love a good rumor.


the dreamer said...

the best female singer of all time: it's simply stupid!

Dr.B said...

I found it amusing. Hyperbole.