Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Should I feel guilty for posting that Cecilia got married?  The evidence appears to be quite sketchy, but the idea made me smile, so I posted it.  All kinds of somewhat bogus information comes out on the internet.  For instance, yesterday I was notified that she had won the Classical Brits Female artist of the year award when they usually don't come out until May.  So what is one to do?


Anonymous said...

The rumor(?) seems to trace back to the Opera Chic blog but no legitimate news source has posted it on their website. Many bloggers repeated it the rumor, so you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

Each and every blogger is responsible for waht/she is doing. Being not along is no excuse for not reflecting on the net`s particular structure as a medium. So if you don`t check the reliablibity of a source, you are responsible for forwarding gossip or misinformation.

In case of Ms Bartoli - the decision if she is willing to talk about her private life to the media is hers - and you better should not be so careless as to trust an unreliable source: Operachic is not much more than an ego-tripping gossip site.

Dr.B said...

Honesty? If it had been anyone else, I probably would have ignored it.

Anonymous said...

It's about "responsibility" - but this doesn't seem to be understood in the web.

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