Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gossip, sort of

I was watching a long German interview with Cecilia Bartoli--link is here--and she was asked if she were engaged and intending to marry Oliver Widmer.  That is what I understood the question to mean.  Cecilia answered "yes" and went on to comment about what lovely men they have in Switzerland.  Not just cheese.  Oliver is Swiss.  Another lovely Swiss man she likes is Roger Federer.

She went on to say that she had met Oliver when she was 21, long before Cosi.  I hope this is now cleared up.

She likes Lady Gaga.

The interviewer spoke Hochdeutsch and Cecilia answered in Italian.  Occasionally the interviewer had to translate her questions into Italian. We could hear only fragments of Cecilia speaking since her words were covered over by a German translation.

Cecilia called herself a perfectionist.  This should not be a surprise to anyone.  She also said that difficulties are there to overcome.

Several people spoke about her, including Ada Pesch, the concert mistress of La Scintilla, and Donna Leon, the crime novelist.  There was a short clip from Il Trionfo, which I reviewed here with different singers.  We are wishing for a DVD of this.

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