Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Here is an article about the 10 hottest opera singers. It's a guy so he only refers to girls. And he cheats because he includes Katherine Jenkins twice. However, I must say his selection criteria appear to be much the same as mine: you appear if I can find a nice sexy picture of you. He found two sexy pictures of Katherine Jenkins so....

His list is:
Anna Netrebko
Katherine Jenkins
Carmen Monarcha
Malena Ernman
Katherine Jenkins
Elina Garanča
Kate Aldrich
Renata Drozd
Gabriela Pochinki
Natasha Marsh

Now I'm not sure all of these admittedly hot women are actually opera singers. For one thing there are a few more microphones in evidence than opera would allow. Rule number one: if you cannot sing in a big hall over a full orchestra without a microphone, you are not an opera singer. It doesn't mean they are not perfectly good singers--they just are not opera singers.

The only three I can be sure of are Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanča and Kate Aldrich.

And maybe this woman:

Have a look.


natlie said...

I have seen Malena Ernman in DVDs of Hercules and Dido & Aeneas (the latter in the title role, and very moving she was too), so she counts as a real opera singer.

Alex said...

Oh yes, Malena can also be seriously good. I think this clip is from that DVD ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ0ngtryAqo , one of the better laments I've heard (even if the orchestration is wanting)

Gert said...

Natasha Marsh has sung small roles with small companies but seems to have realised that - with a record company exec for a husband - she can earn more doing the cheesy Jenkins-style crossover pap

Micaela said...

Elina Garanca is certainly a real opera singer and certainly very beautiful. In my opinion, though, to qualify as "hot" she would need to show more evidence of possessing a soul.